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摘自:新音响杂志|2018-09-17 11:04|作者:新音响杂志

文章摘要: 贺浩 A/V China:1.SU集团目前采取了多品牌的营销策略,产品线涵盖AV放大器、音箱、便携产品,就整体业务拓展而言,SU的重心在哪里,未来的推广策略有哪些?SU has adopted multi-branding strategy, while your product li...

影音中国 - 贺浩

A/V China:
1.    SU集团目前采取了多品牌的营销策略,产品线涵盖AV放大器、音箱、便携产品,就整体业务拓展而言,SU的重心在哪里,未来的推广策略有哪些?SU has adopted multi-branding strategy, while your product line covers Amplifiers, Speakers and Portable devices. What is SU’s focus and your promotion strategy in the near future? – Blair

< Talking points:
•    We will leverage the strength of our company to provide the one-stop solution of home entertainment to consumers and this will make us succeed among the crowd.
•    We will enhance the interactions and relations among all our brands through world class marketing.  
•    To be more successful, we will continue to focus on the enhancement of the consumer experience via the efforts for brand building, for retail enhancement, for technology enablement etc.
Suggested speaker:   Blair >   

2.    天龙、马兰士在AV放大器领域的地位可谓牢不可破,但Polk和DT所处的音箱领域其实可选项非常多,怎样才能在众多音箱品牌中脱颖而出,SU集团未来会采取哪些策略,从营销推广等不同层面。Denon & Marantz are dominating in the AVR category, but for Polk and DT speaker, there are actually a lot of choices. How will SU stand out from the other brands and what different strategies will you adopt? -> Blair

最近我们得到了市场调研公司麦肯锡的一个市场分析报告,报告中的结论和我们自己对市场的判断不谋而合,我们可以预期在未来的几年里家庭影院市场每年会有3-4% 的成长。
所以,我们会继续建设品牌,继续开发技术,继续加强零售,继续进行多层次全方位的市场营销。 更重要的是充分利用我们公司的优势-那就是有能力提供一站式的家庭音影解决方案和产品, 为消费者提供较好最适合的娱乐体验。
< Talking points:
•    Recently, we consolidated a market research with McKinsey and the finding is exactly in line with our view. We still can expect a YoY 3-4% growth of the home theater market globally including China.
•    To be more successful, we will continue to put the efforts on brand building, for retail enhancement, for technology enablement, for multi-channel of marketing etc. and most importantly, we will leverage the strength of our company to provide the one-stop solution of home entertainment to consumers and this will make us succeed among the crowds.
Suggested speaker:   Blair >   


new audiophile

3.    POLK和DT分别有不同的音箱产品线和技术特点,在市场推广方面两个品牌各有哪些侧重点?比如哪个品牌更倾向于家庭影院,哪个品牌更倾向于HiFi两声道?Polk & DT both brands have different products and technology. What are the key highlights when promoting these two brands for China market? For example; which brand is more towards Home Theatre, and which more towards two-channel HiFi? –> Michael & Skylar

Polk:     - 美国知名品牌
-    45年持之以恒的对杰出声音体验的承诺
-    承受得起,喇叭和回音壁产品比同价格的产品音质更佳,容易安装和使用,世界高品质的客户服务, 优异独特的POLK声音。
-    45年的声音技术和经验的积累
DT:        - 追求上佳的声音体验和设计
-    美国卖的较好、高品质的高品质音箱品牌
-    加州的高品质设计师和工程技术人员创出来的,把科技发明和娱乐出色的整合在了一起。
< Talking points:
•    Brand value for Polk and DT are different.
Brand value for POLK are
[a] well-known brand in US. [b] For 45 years, Polk has lived the promise of great sound [c] accessible affordable for all - Polk speakers and sound bars perform beyond their price category, are easy to setup, have world class customer service, and the traditional Polk sound  [d] US brand with 45 audio engineering knowledge.
Brand Value for DT are
[a] Convergence of Uncompromised Audio Performance and Uncompromised Design [b] USA’s Best-selling High Performance, Premium Loudspeaker Brand [c] Created by leading Designers & Engineers in California—where innovative technology meets entertainment.
•    POLK and DT all have the right products for the right solutions for both Home Theater and HiFi.
Suggested speaker:   Michael and Skyler >

4.    POLK和DT的产品如何与D&M作深入市场推广整合,比如会推出不同的搭配推荐吗?此举或许会比较具市场指导意义。What will the main marketing direction be for Polk & DT when integrating with Sound United? Especially for the China market? -> Guangyu

- 利用现有的销售渠道,把Polk和DT品牌结合天龙和马兰士进行销售
- 提供一站式的音响系统解决方案 和成功的新品发布,提高品牌知名度。
- 通过定期的品牌和产品培训推动零售销售
- 提供及时和完善的售后服务,提高品牌忠诚度
- Denon/Marantz/Polk/DT 的跨品牌合作推广和营销。

< Talking points:
•    Given that we have a great brand awareness for Denon and Marantz in China, we will be leveraging their impact to promote Polk and DT together with Denon and Marantz to fulfil the market needs in China.
•    We will
o    Leverage our current Denon & Marantz channel and online sales channels.
o    Build the brand through [a] suggested system solution (bundle) [b] Successful new product launch
o    Drive retail via providing frequent brand and product education to both dealer and consumer,
o    Enhance the loyalty through after sales care etc.
o    Cross brand marketing (feature D&M products in Polk & DT lifestyle imagery) – Whether on product pages, social and other digital marketing
Suggested speaker:  Guangyu>

数字家庭杂志社 & 摩兔网 & 智能与家,主编  左晓冬

Digital Home Entertainment & Smart Home:
5.    在天龙和马兰士的产品在覆盖范围重叠的用户群体中如何进行区隔?在Sound United集团的收购完成之后,对之前的多品牌运作有什么新的方向调整?How do you differentiate the overlapping users for Denon & Marantz? After Sound United’s acquisition, what are the new directions regarding operating multiple brands? -> Blair

天龙和马兰士各自的品牌定位是不同的,正如品牌介绍里描述的: 天龙-动力、精密准确、激情、呈现,马兰士 – 为音乐而生与优雅相伴。
< Talking Points:
•    Marantz and Denon have different brand values as what the brand description said [Denon: Power, Precision, Passion, Present]; [Marantz: because music matters]
•    We will be further uplifting the brand position of Marantz to communicate the brand stories, the brand values, and brand positioning broadly by leveraging famous musicians.
•    We will focus on end user experiencing to deliver best ever personalized audio that matches with their personal entertainment needs.  
Suggested speaker:  Blair>

6.    在当前比较严峻的市场态势下,天龙马兰士是如何看待当前和未来的市场的,有些什么具体的举措?What measures will Denon & Marantz take during the current highly competitive market? -> Guangyu or Blair

我们将来会继续投资在产品研发上,并提供高品质的新品,像今天即将发布的马兰士KI RUBY 红宝石系列。我司远景是针对影音市场需求,提供一站式的购物解决方案,满足消费者对声音的追求。

<Talking points:
•    We take the reference data from the 3rd party research of McKinsey, and the data shows that the overall market is stable with small single digit growth. To succeed, we will continue to invest on product development and engineering, push world class marketing to successfully launch the new products e.g. like KI Ruby today in China. And leverage the strength of our company to deliver the best ever sound systems through one stop shopping.
Suggested speaker:   Guangyu or Blair>

7.    对当前流行的“真无线”这种形态的产品,天龙马兰士是如何看待的?在无线产品方面,天龙马兰士现在有些什么新的产品计划?(技术类问题)How does Denon & Marantz see the current popular trend of “true wireless” products? And does both brands have new product plans to keep up with this trend? -> Okada

<Talking points:
 If the “True Wireless” means headphone products, we are now investigating the opportunity.  >

8.    贵公司针对苹果Airplay 2 进行的固件升级的情况如何?What is the status for your Apple Airplay 2 firmware updates? —— Okada

  < Already release AirPlay 2 FW by OTA (over the air) >

家电论坛 主编  吴彤 :

JDBBS Forum:
9.    在订制安装市场有时会针对较大听音面积的高品质用户,Denon近期是否有计划推出AV前级,并配套相应的多声道影院后级?(技术类问题)Is Denon planning to release any PRE-amplifiers that matches multi-channels AVR’s, with regards to focusing on the (high-end) Custom Install market that requires massive spacing? —— Okada

目前及未来的1-2年内, 我们没有相关计划。 不过未来我们会继续关注和评估这个需求。
<No plan in next 1-2 years. For future, will investigate.>

10.    POLK和DT的产品是否有计划推出无线连接的环绕声音箱?(技术类问题)Will Polk & DT release any Wireless Surround sound speakers in the future? -> Michael

Polk 已经有了相应的产品,Magnifi Max 系列有环绕声选项,大家可以期待在未来我们将会有更多的带环绕声的回音壁产品面世。
Omni 版本的Polka产品支持无线的后置扬声器。无线喇叭可以在Play-Fi平台上和回音壁协同工作( Omni SB1+ 就是回音壁,Omni S1 就是无线喇叭)
<Talking points:
•    This already is available with Polk. The Magnifi Max has optional surrounds. You can expect to see more sound bars with optional surrounds in the future.
•    Omni Collection for Polk supports wireless rear speakers, the wireless surround speakers work off the Play-Fi platform and in conjunction with sound bars in those collections (Omni SB1+ is the sound bar, Omni S1 is the wireless speaker) In addition, we’re always exploring new technologies and opportunities in the wireless space.>
Suggested Speaker:  Michael >

企鹅发烧网 & 家电论坛家庭影院版主——中尉

Penguin Hifi
11.    作为北美销量较大的两个品牌,DT与Polk在市场地位、器材档次上与天龙马兰士都相匹配;而SU集团旗下另一品牌加拿大Classe,定位于中高品质偏HiEnd级的HiFi市场,但目前SU旗下并没有一款与Classe相匹配的音箱品牌。请问SU集团以后是否会收购一个与Classe相匹配的音箱品牌?
Being the biggest American selling brand, DT & Polk match the Denon & Marantz brands very well. For, Classe, for High-end market, will it also have same high-end level of matching Speaker brand? Will SU acquire another Speaker brand in the future? –> Skylar

高品质功放必须和高品质喇叭配合才能提供较好的娱乐体验,这样建立在品牌之上的先进技术将是的一个至关重要的推手。我们了解高品质音箱有很多的市场机会,也一直在关注着这些机会的同时,致力于把我们的技术融合到音箱产品中, 让音箱品牌和产品能和功放出色配合。
< Talking points:
•    High-end Amplifiers must associate with high class speakers to deliver the top entertainment experience. And technology will be one of the key drivers beyond brand. We know there are a lot of the opportunities in this high-end speaker categories and we are always looking for those opportunities and matching our speaker brands, our speaker technologies with our hardware brands.  
Suggested speaker:  Skyler >

12.    通过对天龙8500与马兰士8012的评测,我注意到两款功放在后级放大电路部分中,电路的布局、所采用的元件都非常类似,那么是否可以认为两款功放在后级电路上有共享了很多设计方案?它们的后级电路有什么具体的细小区别吗?Through detailed product reviews, I found that the Denon 8500 and Marantz 8012 have very similar circuits and components. Can I assume that both AVR are actually sharing the same design development? What is the main difference regarding rear-circuits? -> Okada

事实上,我们在一些功能模块上我们会使用通用部件的,譬如 网络模块等。但是,就整机而言,确是非常不同的平台。大家可以发现每一个核心的主板是完全不同的设计和配置。AVRX8500用的是较高品质的DSP支持13.2声道和11.2声道的需求。 同时它拥有高质量的数模转换来保证顶端产品的性能。至于后端部件的设计,每一类的AVR产品都有自身独特的电路设计和调试(例如8212上用的HDAM电路)。每个产品也运用了不同选择的高质量声音部件(从大的电源电容,电源变压器,主材元件等 到直到许多小的电子元件, 所有这些就会带来各品牌专属的独到的声音体验。
<Actually, they are using common components on some functionable part like network. However, basically, they stand on quite different platform. You can find each core board has totally different configuration. AVRX8500 employs cutting-edge DSP due to 13.2ch and 11.2ch difference. It also equips high quality D/A converters appropriate for top-end product. For back-end part design, each AVR has brand unique circuity design (e.g. HDAM circuit for 8012) and tuning. Each unit employs differently selected key high quality sound components (form large main power capacitors, power transformer, key mechanical components e.g. foot to many small electric components) dedicated for both brand sound identity.  >  


Hifi Audio Magazine
13.    都说2.0发烧音响系统在国内市场日益萎缩,尤其近些年萎缩严重,贵司对国内HIFI系统市场的前景预判如何?10系列的销售是否受影响?It is said that two-channel Hifi system market is shrinking in the China market, especially during the recent years. What is your company’s vision towards the HIFI market? In terms of sales, is the high-end Marantz 10 Series affected? -> Guangyu

我们也将继续提供HiFi产品例如马兰士10系列和KI Ruby 系列产品来服务HiFi市场
< Talking points:
•    We have got the research report from McKinsey, and it said the HiFi marketing in China has been stable in the past few years. The High-end HiFi is in decline. But the entry and Mid segments did grow.  it is obviously that more and more consumers are looking for high-quality sound through streaming & viewing high quality online content through popular service portals.
•    In terms of HiFi, Europe is the biggest and most mature market. We have seen the market there been stable over the last 2-3 years. With even slightly growth driven by turntable and DAC. We believe we will see the similarity in China as well.
•    So, we can foresee in China, that the HiFi market is still the same, but shifted over to different products to get the HiFi experiencing e.g. portable HiFi system etc.
•    We will continue to serve HiFi customers with our leading HiFi products like Marantz 10 series and KI Ruby
Suggested speaker:   Guangyu>

14.    新的市场形态下,贵司未来的产品走向会不会以无线化、智能化、简约时尚化这些关键词为研发重点?(While keeping the current market situation in mind, will your company develop products that contains “wireless, smart and simple fashion”? -> Okada

是的, 我们已经有了HEOS产品线, BT 系列喇叭。 我们会继续加强这些类产品线的
<Yes, we have HEOS lineups and BT speakers. Will continue to enhance those lineups. > 

HD199 阳董:

HD199 Forum:
15.    您好,今年天龙的高品质大作8500H是一台非常高品质的AV合并机,经过我们的试用后,对这台机器也印象颇深,但是让我们不太理解的地方是,在奥德赛的图形EQ里,设置的过于简单了,比如极低频的设置,比如房间混响的设置,我们都没有找到,
所以请问您有没有打算在图形EQ这里有更丰富的内容加入,以方便一些发烧友更深入的去挖掘这台机器的上佳性能?The Denon AVC-X8500H is a very powerful AV amplifier released earlier this year. After our in-depth testing, we were also very impressed, however we have a question regarding the Audyssey EQ graphic processing; we found that setting might be too simple, such we can only adjust very low frequency, while other requests like room reverb settings were not found.
So, do you have any plans to add more content for EQ processing, so that AVR hardcore users can enjoy the most out of this machine? -> Okada

< We have focused to improve easy to use/setting. So, no plan to meet your request at this moment. We appreciate your comments and will investigate the opportunity.  >


Hifi Speaks
16.    自从去年在三亚宣布POLK和DT两大品牌进入以来,请回顾一下这两个新品牌在中国的业务进展,以及今后推进的策略规划?Since last year Sanya’s China’s introduction of Polk and DT, can you please tell us about the current business development, and moving forward the strategic positioning for these two brands? –> Guangyu

- Polk Audio 普乐之声 和 DT 狄芬尼提两个音箱品牌在今年4月份已登录中国市场,并在5月份已经开始零售。我们希望通过结合传统和新零售来推进业务。例如通过加强零售支持和新零售 (京东与天猫)两种方式来满足消费者的购买需求。
- 目前,市场的反馈非常乐观,并超越期望值。现阶段我们会基于经销商的乐观反馈并推进Polk和DT的市场。
- 未来,我们希通过我司集团品牌 – Polk, DT, Denon, Marantz – 把超越想象的声音体验给到消费者。

<Talking points:
•    Actually, Polk and DT entered China since this April, and the product shipped to retail at around May. We are leveraging both new retail and traditional retail to get the product reach to consumers. e.g. traditional retailers in Beijing/ Shanghai/GuangZhou , like Tianji, Chisheng, ShengHui ( elegant garden) etc. and new retail like JD.com and Tmall.com
•    The reaction from the market is really good and beyond our expectation. We are now working with our Denon and Marantz channels for further deployment. We got the feedback from our dealers that they are excited on Polk and DT and want to push forward the speaker business for us at retail level.
•    Moving forward, we want consumers in G China to get the best sound experience ever through Sound United owned brands - Polk, DT, Denon, Marantz etc.
Suggested speaker:  Guangyu >

17.    据说10系列是石渡健先生的收山之作,请问今后马兰士将如何继续延续石先生的设计与研发精髓?从而确保马兰士品牌的声音理念?As the Marantz 10 SERIES were Mr. Ken Ishiwata wrap-up product, can you please tell us how you will continue to inherit Ken Ishiwata’s essence of design & development, as to ensure Marantz brand story? -> Okada

< We will continue to work with Ken to finetune sound performance throughout the new Marantz product development process>

影音新生活- Alex

A&V Lifestyle
18.    SU在去年推出了Soundbar和HEOS产品,今年的战绩如何,未来还会有哪些新动作呢?How is the sales results of your Polk Soundbars and HEOS products? Will there be developments in the future? -> Blair or Guangyu

< Talking points:
•    Polk Sound bar has just been introduced recently, and the market feedback is very positive. We can expect more new products to be introduced into China.
•    HEOS technology is also quite new to the China market and needs time to be further developed, and also, we definitely can expect that HEOS will be enabled on more current & future products.
Suggested speakers:  Blair or Guangyu>

19.    目前耳机市场火热,SU会在持续关注这个市场并且推出相应的产品吗?Currently, the Ear/Head phone market is quite good, will SU continue to keep up with the market and produce new headphone/earphone products? -> Guangyu


< Talking points:
•    Yes, we will. e.g. soon we will launch the HD9200 in this year to the market to serve the consumers who are looking for the good HiFi oriented sound and built quality headphones.
Suggested speaker:  Guangyu >


Audio Visual Frontline:
20.    看到天龙/马兰士成为京东战略合作伙伴,可喜可贺!这对于贵公司的市场运营有怎么样的重要意义?Recent news we saw that Denon & Marantz have become JD.com’s strategic partner. What will this co-op mean for your market operations in China? ->Guangyu

- 新零售在国内是目前较流行的商务模式。我们也非常高兴与京东可以有这么密切的合作。
- 不仅天龙和马兰士, Polk 和DT两个新品牌也包括在新零售营销策略里面
- 京东平台是国内较受欢迎的销售平台之一,我们双方的合作健康良好,也得到消费者的认可和支持。

< Talking points:
•    New concept retail is the trend of doing business in China, a lot of the e-commerce platforms have been active for a long time, we are really happy that we can catch up with this trend and work with those online platforms to enable consumers’ entertainment with the best product experience.
•    It is not just Denon & Marantz but also Polk and DT are all in the game of new concept retail.
•    JD.com is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms which we have built the long-term relationship with. The outcome of the collaboration between us and JD.com are quite successful and got the recognition by end users.
Suggested speaker:  Guangyu>


21.    在DENON 官网上,最近推出的几款放大器页面上都有明确标识都已为 Dolby Vision和HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma) 预升级,那么究竟在什么时候能够实现到 Dolby Vision以及HLG功能?On your Denon website, we often see that a lot of products say Dolby Vision and HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma)-ready. When are we able to really use these two features practically? —— Okada

Dolby Vision 在UHD蓝光和流媒体上已经有内容,电视和显示器产品也有了显示的能力,不过HLG目前主要是广播端的内容(NHK/BBC是最早的规格建议者)。
 < Dolby Vision is already available for both contents. (UHD-BD and streaming) TV monitors already adopt the capability. However, HLG is mainly for broadcast contents. (The spec was originally proposed by NHK/BBC) >

22.    为了支持这两种功能,DENON的功放在未来还需要送厂添加组件吗?亦或者采用在线升级的方式就能够实现到这两项功能? Will future Denon models be adding other internal modules/parts to support Dolby Vision and HLG? Or will everyone be able to update over the air (OTA) through online to support these two features? -> Okada

2015-2017 的AVR产品已经可以通过OTA升级的方式来实现这些功能了。2018年的型号在出厂时就带这些功能了。
< 2015-2017 AVRs already had the functionalities via OTA update. 2018 models already have them as out of box specs.>

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